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Denise Ferguson

Denise is the Administrator for CO Comprehensive Spine Institute. Her position includes oversight for the billing department, human resources and clinical operations. Denise has worked 20 years in the medical industry and has proven herself as an advocate for patient care and quality customer service. Denise is available to all patients and referrals that need assistance with arranging treatment, working through the insurance maze and answering questions on the mission of comprehensive treatment that CCSI represents.

Denise started her career in home health care and after mastering this industry, focused on working with the state Medicaid program and the CO Workman’s compensation industry. Denise joined our practice in July 2008, bringing with her knowledge of both government and commercial carrier connections. Denise has a passion for the medical industry. Our patient’s satisfaction is her first priority. Denise is supported by a wonderful family and has enjoyed the advantages of living in Colorado for the past 30 years.

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