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Contacting us via Email

Email is growing ever more popular as a means of communication. CCSI is dedicated to providing this method of patient communication with the hope of improved access for our patients. Our goal is to provide a more convenient and reliable method of contact. In order to make this work for everyone, CCSI has set forth certain rules and policies regarding email communication:

  • CCSI recognizes that email is not a secure form of transmission and cannot be made compliant with all applicable laws, such as HIPPA. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to provide information which CCSI deems as sensitive or medical in nature via email. Similarly, CCSI recommends that you do not send any sensitive information via email to us as it can potentially be electronically intercepted. It is essential that you review our email policies and procedures for further information before you send us an email
  • Please note that an email response may not occur on the same business day. Every attempt will be made to respond within a 24 hour period during the business work week, for inquiries received between Monday and Thursday. To minimize response time to an email inquiry, those which are directed at a specific CCSI doctor may be answered by one of our Physician Assistants or other appropriate staff member.
  • If you have an urgent or emergency issue, DO NOT use email to communicate with CCSI. Contact us directly by phone, go to the nearest Emergency Room or call 911 for assistance.
  • As part of our CCSI Patient Passport Program, you may be directed by email to a specific web address where your personal test results and interpretation or other requested sensitive medical data can be viewed and downloaded in a secure fashion.

Important Information about Email

Nature of Inquiry
Responding Person
Clinical Medical Provider Team
Test Results Clinical Medical Provider Team
Medications Issues Clinical Medical Provider Team
RX Refill Request Clinical Medical Provider Team
Appointment Request Scheduling Cathi Stieber Jones / Ashleigh Kanack
Tests or Surgery Scheduling Scheduling Deneile Talcott/
Monique Rodrakkwan
Records Medical Records Monique Rodrakkwan
Billing Accounts Billing Sherri Lewis
Administrative Administration Ms. Denise Ferguson
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