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Post Surgical Pain Management

At CCSI we take great pride in effectively and safely controlling your pain after surgery with us. Through educating spine floor nurses and establishing protocols for pre- & post-op pain, we have seen narcan (a drug given for narcotic overdose) rescues fall 98% and patient satisfaction scores for “Pain was always well controlled” increase (according to HCAHPS data) an average of 62.2% to 70.4% in the last 3 quarters alone.

We understand how to manage pain for patients with chronic narcotic tolerance, anxiety, drug allergies/intolerances and will work with you to make sure you are kept safe and that your pain level is (at worst), the kind of pain you can naturally sleep through. The providers at CCSI understand the signs of early narcotic overdose and are dedicated to keeping you safe, above all.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or come see us!

Our Pain Management Team

Interventional Pain Management

We also offer advanced interventional pain management treatments for individuals requiring non-operative treatments for neuropathic and chronic pain. Visit our Library of Interventional Pain Resources to learn more.

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