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Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute

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The Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute (CCSI) is one of the most advanced spine treatment and surgical centers in the United States. Our institute provides total patient-centered care under one roof.

CCSI is at the forefront of the development of new nonoperative treatments and spine surgery technologies and techniques.

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Interventional Pain Management

CCSI offers a broad variety of pain management techniques. Non-operative treatments for neuropathic and chronic pain do exist.


Pain Managent Library
Oh My Aching Back (Patients)
Chronic Pain Management (Professionals)

Managing Pain After Surgery

The team at CCSI excels at managing pain after surgery. We have implemented programs that have resulted in significant improvements in patient satisfaction and safety.

Learn more about post surgery pain management.


Comprehensive Treatment Options

The encouraging news for spine patients is that most patients will not require spine surgery!
Below is a list of both nonsurgical and surgical treatments offered through CCSI:

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Our office is located at:
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