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CCSI Community Outreach

Understandably, rural hospitals often lack the expert medical specialists and broad services offered at hospitals in major cities. This situation can be frustrating for both the rural hospitals and the patients in these areas. Patients needing specialized treatment (e.g. spine surgery) need to make inconvenient and time-consuming journeys to a major city to receive the care they need.

CCSI is pleased to be a part of a program, organized by Swedish Medical Centers, that goes along way to resolving these problems for rural patients. Each month, members of our expert medical staff provide spine clinic services in communities in the remote parts of Colorado. In addition, some of our surgeons are now even doing surgery at smaller hospitals, such as Yuma District Hospital, Yuma County, CO.

Our commitment to reaching out does not end there though. CCSI is also participating in educational events for patients in rural areas and is even part of a video conference service that enables family practitioners to ask spine specialist questions about the patients they are seeing.

All of these activities combined reflect CCSI’s commitment to providing expert spine care to patients throughout Colorado.
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