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Dr. Frey's Company Honored

Dr. Frey and his company, Mighty Oak Medical, honored as an inventor and developer of a novel new navigation technology to make spinal surgery safer and more accurate. The company's Firefly technology was recognized as one of the "Ten Best New Spine Technologies of 2012". News of this award was published in Orthopedics This Week.

FIREFLY Technology is a series of patient matched pedicle screw trajectory guides that help create pilot and tapped holes specific to a particular patientís vertebrae. Using FIREFLY, surgeons submit each patientís image data in the form of an MRI, CT or X-ray to the system. Software then converts the patientís imaging data into a three-dimensional computer model of the spinal vertebrae that are to be instrumented with pedicle screws.

You can learn more about Mighty Oak Medical here.

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