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Carol's Story - Coach Returns to Sports!

Carol is a 57-year-old teacher and coach. About 4 years ago, she started experiencing shooting pains down her leg. "It didn't happen very often at first and with exercise the pain would go away," she recalled. However, after time the pain didn't go away. As a teacher, Carol was on her feet all day long. By the end of the day, she could no longer walk down the hall without holding on to the wall for support. As the pain became more constant, she was no longer able to coach basketball. "It just got worse and worse," she said.

Carol went to see her primary care physician who did a CAT scan and determined that she had a spinal condition called spondylolisthesis. Her physician referred her to Dr. Frey. "I had heard great things about Dr. Frey from a friend of mine in the medical field," Carol recalled. "So I felt good about seeing him."

Dr. Frey looked at Carol's x-rays and suggested she try conservative treatments to alleviate her pain and discomfort. "I tried physical therapy and injections, which worked a bit," she said. But the pain continued to return. It became evident that Carol would need surgery.

"Dr. Frey is so wonderful. I wish all doctors were like him. He spends all the time you need, which is so important when you are facing surgery." Carol and Dr. Frey set a date for surgery. One year ago, Carol underwent a spinal fusion procedure.

"When I woke up, I could tell right away my legs didn't hurt anymore. It was amazing," Carol said. After just a few days in the hospital, Carol was able to return home. "I did exactly what he told me to do. He said 'walk', I walked. He said 'put a pillow under your legs', I did," Carol recalls. "I really think that was the key to my recovery."

After a short while, Carol was able to do physical therapy and in-home exercises with no pain. She continues to do the exercises today. "I am fully recovered and have no restrictions on my activities. There is nothing I can't do, thanks to Dr. Frey".

"He's so personable," she continued. "I mean, here is this major, big-time surgeon in Denver and after my checkup he came over and gave me a hug! I can't say enough about him, he gave me my life back," Carol said.

Carol also expressed gratitude to the entire staff at CCSI. "They are all so wonderful. They do whatever you need to make your life better when you are there. All in all, it was a wonderful experience."

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