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Preparing for Surgery: The Day of Surgery

When a patient prepares thoroughly for surgery they are increasing their likelihood of a rapid and smooth return to health. In our two previous articles we have addressed Preparing for Surgery: Tests and Tips, and Preparing for Surgery: The Day Before. In this third article, we address key steps you'll be taking on the day of surgery.

The day of surgery will be very busy. It is important you arrive on time. The following directions will help your day to run smoothly and calmly.

Checklist - Items to Bring

  • Be sure to bring:
    • your back brace (if you wear one)
    • a list of allergies to medications
    • insurance card(s)
    • signed consent forms
    • Living Will
    • Power of Attorney
    • comfortable clothing
    • sturdy, flat shoes or sneakers for walking
    • the surgery book given to you at CCSI's offices
    • toiletry items
    • a CD or tape player with soothing/relaxing music.
  • Do NOT bring
    • valuables, including jewelry, credit cards, large amounts of cash

You will spend time in several areas of the hospital in preparation for your surgery.


Please note that from the moment you arrive, you will be asked many of the same questions repeatedly - please be patient! - this is done for your safety.

Upon arrival at the hospital, report to the admissions desk. Admissions is located in the main lobby of both Porter Adventist Hospital and Swedish Medical Center. The main hospital phone numbers are as follows:

  • Porter Adventist Hospital: (303) 778-1955
  • Swedish Medical Center: (303) 788-5000
  • Littleton Adventist Hospital: (303) 730-8900

Porter Adventist

AM Admissions is located directly behind the admissions department. From there you and your family will be sent to the holding area on the second floor, located next to the operating room.

Swedish Medical Center

AM Admissions and the Holding Area are one and the same. They are located within the operating room area which is on the third floor. Please check in at the front desk of the first floor for instructions and directions.

Pre-Operative Preparations

Your family will be allowed to stay with you through this process. Your medical and surgical histories, medications, allergies and pre-operative process will be reviewed in detail. Vital signs including weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and temperature are recorded. If your physician has ordered other pre-operative tests, they will be performed.

An intravenous catheter will be inserted and fluids administered. Antibiotics and sedatives will be delivered through the catheter.

Meeting the Surgical Team

The patient and family will meet with the anesthesiologist, the surgeon and a nurse in the pre-operative holding area. Surgical risks, complications and questions will be reviewed again and answered. Please bring a list of your questions and your signed consent forms.

Taken to the Operating Room

Only after you have spoken to both the anesthesiologist and your surgeon will you be taken to the Operating Room. At this time, your family will be escorted to the waiting room. The operating room staff will communicate with your family during and after the procedure. The nurse will call your family when the surgery actually starts, every hour and a half thereafter, and when the surgery is over. The surgeon will speak with your family after the surgery as well.

By reviewing the checklist and pre-operative information above, it is our hope that your experience prior to surgery will be both comfortable and calm.


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